Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Do over

I am often asked, if I could do it all over, would I start with homeopathy and energy healing or do I believe bio-medicine set us up for success with energy healing? 

This is a mighty loaded question.

I can tell you this...if it weren't for our journey, I wouldn't have come to this place where I am right now.  I believe I am where I am supposed to be.  I also believe I came to this place based on my own personal path.  Would I have made it to this point, if I chose another path?  Well, I don't know, because I think I am always where I am supposed to be.  Every step of the way, I learned something new.  Without the first IgG food sensitivity panel, we wouldn't have known to cut problematic foods and to eat healthier.  Without the use of natural anti-microbials, we wouldn't have learned the signs of microbial overgrowth.  Without A/C chelation, we wouldn't have known the toxicity of heavy metals are such a problem in our world.  Without the SBOs, we wouldn't have dropped all of the anti-microbials we were using daily.  Without the experience of Homotoxicology, we wouldn't have eliminated dozens of supplements, and without homeopathy, we wouldn't have the permanent healing we are now experiencing.  Most importantly, I wouldn't have crossed paths with some of the most important people in my life.  I am not implying that you should do exactly what I did in order to find healing.  This was our journey.

We all have a story of our own.  We have lessons to learn and we are placed in situations that could take us down one road or another.  Following our intuition brings us full circle, with purpose.  Lessons can be painful and they can be challenging, but this is how we grow.  No pain, no gain, right? Just kidding!

I am not suggesting that we are destined for something specific necessarily, instead, as we make our choices when sitting at that proverbial fork in the road, we are bringing all of who we are into that decision.  And sometimes we will make what we will later perceive as the wrong one...but is it really?  Have you learned from making "mistakes"?  Well let's think about that.  Even if just from a purely physical point of view, the first day you took a step as a toddler, it was preceded by many falls, and did you get on your bike and ride it effortlessly the first time?  Maybe you did, maybe you are physically gifted...or maybe you didn't, but you did eventually learn to ride that bike, didn't you?  We fall and we get up again, it's the nature of life.  Remember dating?  Who could forget!  We are in a constant state of change.

What if we begin to see each "mistake" as the next step in our evolution rather than something that wasn't supposed to happen?  Consider the conscious shift that will take place when we begin to welcome these lessons.   To go from thinking "I was wrong and I failed" to thinking "it's time for a change"!  Is your glass half empty or half full?  The potential for growth is endless!  What about our potential for happiness, where does that fit in here?  When we feel confident and we trust the road ahead, we can truly enjoy happiness. 

My journey is not the same as yours. 

It may seem like common sense or it may even seem silly.  Could we be at the same place, at the same time?  Absolutely!  Could you even be PART of my story, or vice versa?  Heck yeah!  I KNOW that there are certain people in my life with a very specific place in who I am meant to be.  When these sort of lessons reveal themselves, there is nothing more rewarding than recognizing a friendship or a connection with a deeper purpose.

Life is definitely what we make of it, don't underestimate the power of your journey.  So would I do it all over again?  I would have to say yes, but that was my story.  What is yours meant to be?

The question is, does what you are doing feel right?  Perhaps my path is intersecting with yours for a reason.