Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hold the power

If you could hold the power and maintain ownership of every health decision you make for your family, would you want it?

I sure do!

Imagine a world where you can know, really know for sure, that your decision is not just a good one, but the best choice for your family in that given moment.  Sounds like it would require a lot of education, doesn’t it?  A PhD at least, right?

What if I told you that all it requires is a connection with your “higher self” (and I am not referring to legalizing marijuana)?

Your higher self is you, at a spiritual level, the all-knowing-you.  We are all connected to the Universe at a soul level and when you tap into this source, you will access Universal wisdom.

This seemingly magical encounter I am referring to here can be achieved with something called dowsing.

What is dowsing?

If you have ever visited a practitioner who uses muscle testing or practices NAET, then you have already experienced dowsing, which is a form of connection with your higher self and/or the collective consciousness of the Universe.  Could there be a better source of information than this?

Imagine the possibilities....your child gets sick and you want to know, if you should give this or that homeopathic remedy, how frequently should you give it and at what potency; or how about when you begin noticing a new undesirable behavior and would like to know the cause, as well as how to manage/heal it; or maybe you just want to know if a particular food is eliciting a negative reaction in yourself or a loved one.  The possibilities are endless, quite literally!

The depth and breadth of your abilities are limited only by you.  If you believe you can, well...you can!

We actually tap into this intuition daily and don't even realize it.  When you get that "gut feeling" about something, you are using your Universal intuition.  Trusting your gut feelings will keep those doors open and provide you with answers very much like dowsing will.  Dowsing is just a tool for channeling this power.  We can use this intuition for any aspect of our lives from deciding what movie to watch or what to eat, to healing ourselves of deep emotional blocks. 

When I began dowsing, I was primarily focused on health dowsing, and our progress took on a whole new direction.  We instantly left behind the superficial bandaid approach and began to see results that held weight.  While many healing modalities are only intended to address the physical being, dowsing enables you to choose methods of healing that will effect every layer of your being and by doing so, you will see a compounded form of healing that goes deeper than anything else you have tried.

The forms of dowsing are almost as widely varied as the means with which you can use them.  There are tools you can use for visual correspondence, such as the pendulum and dowsing rods, there are also numerous device-less dowsing methods which are perfect for moments when you wouldn’t want to whip out a pendulum (like in the middle of a busy grocery store).

The key to finding what works best for you is to experiment, practice and trust.  I find for myself, writing down very detailed questions I plan to work with keeps me focused.  If you find your mind straying while you dowse, you aren’t in the right state of mind and your results could be inaccurate.  Try writing down your question, remain focused on it and most important, remain neutral to the answer!!  It is easy to sway your answers, if you are heavily tied to the outcome, so remind yourself while you are dowsing that you are open to the truth.  An easy way to keep your opinions out of it is to just keep thinking, “yes or no?” while you await the answer.  And then...this is critical, trust your answers!!  Without trust, why bother?

So I assume you are thinking, this is great and all, and yes I would LOVE to begin dowsing for myself and/or my family, but where do I begin??

I personally favor pendulum dowsing.  When nothing else out there would work for me, the pendulum did.  It’s a strong dependable method for my neurotic, proof-seeking mind.  I know there are many of you out there who can relate!  When various forms of muscle testing felt weak to me, I gave up out of lack of confidence in my results.  It wasn’t until I pulled out a pendant and hung it on the bottom of a thin necklace chain, that I struck gold.  I can’t promise you will find your perfect method right from the start, and maybe the pendulum isn’t for you, but don’t give up and when you think you might have found the method that works for you, practice, practice, practice.

Try dowsing things you know the answer to, like your name, what you should eat for breakfast, if a food is beneficial for you, but be careful of “testing” too much, instead, go at this with conviction, knowing you will get better with practice.  If you are dowsing with the idea that you want to prove it wrong, you will.  Your belief system will dictate your success.

I will share some great tips to get you started.

I really love Maggie and Nigel of Sixth Sense Consulting.  They have been dowsing for many many years and they put together a ton of free information to help you not only begin, but succeed at dowsing regardless of the level you are at.  They offer basic articles, videos, and frequently offer free events for all levels. I highly recommend their Facebook group if you are serious about learning dowsing.  They personally answer questions and are dedicated to spreading awareness.

I participated in Maggie and Nigel’s Dowsing Fest, where I provided a “tip” which you can listen to below.  Remember, you don’t have to be a seasoned dowser to get great results.


A list of device-less dowsing options from the Canadian Society of Dowsers

American Society of Dowsers

Now that you have opened up your world to include dowsing, it’s time to really think out of the box. You have a direct connection with the source of all that is.  Take advantage of this opportunity and use it, frequently!!  Like anything else, practice makes perfect and if you don’t use it, you lose it.

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  1. Hi Jessica: Yes, we have followed a similar journey! Thanks for your comment on my blog about Lissa Rankin's work! I look forward to reading more of your writing!

    Funny enough, I wrote a blog post on this topic myself.... http://crystalchild.wordpress.com/2011/10/27/muscle_testing/